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Winning Partnerships

January 23, 2020


This episode is about winning partnerships between clients and their public relations agencies. Joy’s first guest is David Ball, President of Ball Consulting Group, Massachusetts, USA. Her second guest is Tyler Rathjen, Decibel Blue, Arizona, USA. When a company's made a decision to hire a PR firm, Joy asked David what advice he’d give them for picking the right partner. What criteria should they have? What should they be looking for? What should they be considering as this big decision? He was passionate about his answer and advice to companies making this decision, “do they have the skills to deliver what I need? Do they have the ability to understand what we as an organization do? Do they have the ability to write about it and position it and message it and to get it out into the broader public?”

In the second half Joy asked Tyler, “When should a company consider a relationship with a public relations or marketing agency?” Tyler went into an in-depth answer that starts with one major factor, capacity or bandwidth issues.  One person is not usually successful in filling in the gaps in those tasks such as writing press releases, developing relationships with the media, handling all social media content and engagement. By hiring a PR agency, they're acknowledging that they need the experts to come in and really help them tell their stories on a broader level.

Listen to this episode for some valuable insights and suggestions to help build your successful partnership with a PR firm.


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