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The State of International PR: Results from the Global Survey

January 25, 2020


Joy Scott, President of Scott Public Relations is our host and she welcomes Tarunjeet Rattan, Nucleus Public Relations, Bangalore, India, Lee Weinstein, Weinstein PR Agency, Oregon, and Peter Keijzer, Lubbers De Jong Agency in Amsterdam, Holland. We are here today to talk about a groundbreaking study that PRBI has done looking into the attitudes and expectations and plans for companies around the world in global communications. PRBI is a global organization, Public Relations Boutique International, making this a perfect topic for us. Our topic today is The State of International PR, Results from the Global Survey which was recently completed by 32 firms located all over the world. 

The differences between tactics on various continents earned media but also on paid or sponsored media. Changes with the news media in the last five, 10, 15 years, the pool of opportunity for earned media in a sense is really shrinking. Sponsored media has really proliferated as a way to get a message out and communicate. Lee said, “It's been interesting watching news media outlets starting to change the way they describe themselves. I'm hearing newspapers, and what were television stations now call themselves ‘content companies’.” Tarunjeet covers the topic of the blurring of boundaries between marketing digital and PR, how to create brand ambassadors out of the entire company workforce.

In the second half, Peter dives into how media is consumed, “Look at how people consume their news or consume their background stories. This is where it starts. From all the research it says that the younger generation is not using magazines, is not reading papers, is not using the old style, the old economy media anymore, and instead is using the social feeds and their networks to be informed.”

Listen to this episode to hear Joy, Taranjeet, Lee, and Peter talk about the results of this international study. Of particular interest are the common findings around the globe, the same pain points, as well as trends.


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