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Entrepreneurship in PR with Paul Furiga

March 26, 2021

This episode is an audio recording of the PRBI Live Session, hosted by Tarunjeet Rattan, which took place on August 14th, 2020.

With over 3+ decades of experience in various forms of communication, Paul Furiga is passionate about storytelling.

Paul’s passion for storytelling inspired him to form WordWrite in 2002 and to write a book on the importance of storytelling in business, Finding Your Capital S Story, which publishes in fall 2020.

Under his leadership, WordWrite has grown into the Pittsburgh region’s largest independent public relations agency and is a perennial top-ranked firm in the annual O’Dwyer’s national rankings. It has also become the region’s go-to crisis agency. In any given year, the firm handles 12 major crises, two that make the news and 10 that do not. His firm has been awarded several times by reputed organizations for their work and has also appeared in PR News books as case studies of

To keep an agency not just running but on top of its game, takes courage, perseverance, and vision. Listen now to hear Paul share his experience and insight on how to become a successful PR entrepreneur.