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Accelerator Companies

January 20, 2020


Joy Scott, President of Scott Public Relations is our host and she welcomes Lucy Siegel CEO, Lucy Siegel LLC and Paul Furiga, President, Founder, and Chief Storyteller, WordWrite PR. In this episode, the topic is accelerator companies. Accelerator companies are defined as companies that are making innovative ideas real and are in the early stages of their existence. When this is occurring, many of these individuals and those who are heads of these organizations are really preoccupied with research and development, doing beta tests, getting regulatory approval, raising money, finding the right leadership, many other things besides PR.

Sometimes the need for, and the opportunity for, developing strong messaging is overlooked. That's what we want to address today is the role of public relations in influencing success for accelerator companies. PRBI has just started a very exciting program to help winning accelerator companies to take that next step utilizing public relations, resources, and skills found within PRBI members.

We have people involved with the PRBI accelerator program from Italy, Germany, Poland, the US. When a company is ready to go to market, one of the things that typically the leadership of that organization and their investors either have not thought of at all or they're not ready to fund, is sharing their story, which is what public relations is all about.

Listen to this episode to hear Joy, Lucy, and Paul talk about this groundbreaking program from the members of the PR Boutiques International organization.


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